Splash Pendant – Peacock Shell – 25% off

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Splash Pendant in a Peacock Shell effect, comes in a stylish box.



What is Icebronze?

Icebronze is the beautiful silver coating exclusive to all our bronze jewellery and includes a special hypoallergenic final process to help protect both the jewellery and the wearer. Our jewellery is made using silver, copper and tin. Bronze has a long and rich history in jewellery-making dating back many thousands of years and our unique designs bring bronze into the 21st Century with a contemporary and eye-catching look created by a lustrous silver finish. Our earring hooks, posts and butterflies are sterling silver and our chains are made from a light brass finished to match our pendants.

 Some people are allergic to certain metals, will Icebronze  be a problem for them?

Icebronze is hypoallergenic – hypoallergenic means less likely to cause an allergic reaction. We use sterling silver hooks and posts for all our earrings because silver is a bit more malleable than bronze, then we coat these with our hypoallergenic Icebronze finish